3D Modelling (BIM Outsourcing), CAD & RC Detailing


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3D Modelling & BIM (Building Information Modelling)

We offer a full structural modelling service whereby structural models can be created efficiently from structural markups (or imported direct from design software) which can then aid the early co-ordination of the structure with the architect and wider design team by using the associated Plan GA’s, sections and details produced. We can then continue to develop the model/drawings as the design progresses through the RIBA design stages with a final co-ordination exercise before the construction issue.

Alternatively should you find that you just require some alterations to a model on an existing project, we can assist and make the required changes along with updates to any associated drawings for re-issuing.

If BIM is completely new and you have a requirement for it on a project then we can happily assist in the delivery of your projects whilst you make the transition to the 3D modelling environment.

Autodesk Revit Structures is our software platform of choice.

Get in touch for further information on our 3D CAD Services.

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